Hi there,

Thank you for your time and your support in whatever way you did it; no act was too small.

Together, we directed public discourse to push for a more transparent government, a more modern website, a collaborative effort towards the new high school, and a more engaged community. After the election, many steps have been taken towards our goals all without significant turnover in city council. We can maintain this pressure and we shall.

However, after some serious introspection about the Waltham 2017 municipal election, I've decided that public office is not where I belong. The voters have spoken and I respect their decision.

This does not mean I will stop fighting for change in our city. I will do it through other means: activist groups, volunteering, etc.

Public service is where I want to be and what I signed up for when I pulled nomination papers; not politics. But, I'm inherently opposed to the divisiveness created by the political process in it's current manifestation. We see it on the national stage and I am sad to experience it first-hand in our neighborhood. I will not be debased by my gender, age, and sexual-orientation and put that on my family.

Thank you, again, for your interest and your support. Keep fighting. There's lots still to do. I hope that the outcome of the 2017 election fires you up to really bring it in 2018 for our national elections.